Monday, February 3, 2014

Call for Artists of the Northern Oregon Coast

Would you like to show with us in April or October?  Our Community Room is a large room 18' x 30' - with a lot of wall space.  We would love to balance our season with more sculptors, or artists who create in 3 dimensions, but anyone who creates locally is welcome. 

This is our current line up for 2014:

April - ??

May -    Mark Cheney, driftwood and found object sculpture and Morris Grover, Photography

June -    Doreen Lindstedt, Watercolor, Cecile LaPointe, watercolor and Steve Lindstedt, metal sculpture 

July -    Mike Loney, oils and watercolors, Rose Perez, oils, and Donna Ludwig Peterson, oils

August - Anna Gitchel, acrylics and Dorothy Oberholtzer, oil and acrylics

September - Dana Hulburt - Taladamera Fusion

October - ??

If you, or yourself and an artist friend would like to show together in April or November, please e mail Lauren at: