Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Good News!

The September artists have agreed to let their work hang through October.  That means you can procrastinate a little (but just a little - some of this stuff is going home with people who live out of town and they - gasp - want to take it with them!)  Two of Susan Lindstedt's lovely botanical watercolors will join the exhibit too.  (Talented family wouldn't you say?) 

Lindstedt/Simmons Reception

The September artist's reception enjoyed a very nice turnout, and conversation, smiles and sales were the result!  See those kids?  Maybe they'll grow up and want to have art shows of their own.  Ya just never know!

"Uh-oh", he's thinking, "She's gonna buy something.  Wish there was some vodka in this punch.....".

 Steve Lindstedt's steel sculptures are getting more and more complex......

 The artist oversees the crowd with quiet glee....

Not just fish my friends, there are sea creatures and Viking ships on display!

Teresa Simmons brought watercolors, quilted wall hangings, and crayon drawings!  You really should get in here and see this stuff!

The artist, Teresa Simmons.  This was her first exhibit at the Museum.

She liked it!

 Doreen Lindstedt brought watercolor landscapes...

 A bird quilt.... to warm your eyeballs.

And her smiling self!