Monday, April 25, 2016

May 28th White Elephant Sale

Got the we need some windows!  
This is how we do it folks.  
We bring in an irresistible assortment of oddments and you come look and buy!  Easy-peasy.

Want a cat? No, no... NEED a cat! - CANCELLED!

You'll find an appealing assortment of felines 
in our Community Room....  

This is very good news!  NO homeless kitties at present.  Wish it could be that way forever!

Capt Gray is having a Birthday Party May 7th!

He does this every year.  Do something that makes people put you in the history books and you too can have endless birthdays! 
Not a bad deal if you love cake.

May Artist Showing and Reception-Tom Ayres and Barbara Temple-Ayres

Our 2016 season of Artist's Shows kicks off with Nehalem watercolor artists Tom Ayres and Barbara Temple-Ayres. 

Admission is free for their showing in the Community Room the entire month of May and there will be an Artists Reception on Saturday, May 7th from 2-4 PM.  

Please join us for paintings from their travels in the past year!

Tom Ayres

Barbara Temple -Ayres

Friday, April 1, 2016

We're Open for the Season!

We're open for your visiting pleasure, and offering all sorts of interesting 

events  - from now until the end of November 

Hours are 10-4 Thursday through Monday   

Take a look at our revamped website 
to see a listing of events for this season:

There's a LOT going on at the 

Garibaldi Maritime Museum!