Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In the second half of May....

We host another adoptathon for United Paws. It's not a cat show, it's a love-in!  Come in, fall in love with your feline soul mate, take home for purrs, entertainment, and lap warming!

Then lastly, but not leastly, our White Elephant Sale, where you'll find items to spark your curiosity, fill a need (or a want), and help us to fund replacement of our creaky, leaky front doors. (If your front door was opened 400-1000 times a month, it would wear out too!)


May is a Busy Month for GMM

First, we start our monthly Artist showings with a couple of fine local artisan crafters..........Gloria Guyer's quilts, and John Goertzen's fine woodcrafting pieces.

Then we wish Capt. Robert Gray a Happy Birthday! (We SO wish you were here Bob)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Open for the 2015 Season!

We are open regular hours 10-4 PM Thursday through Monday beginning today!  We have a full line up of artists scheduled to show for the year starting in May and we'll be posting the list soon.  If you would like to be notified when a new event is happening - art or otherwise - sign up over on the right.  

Please come in to say hello to Anna, tour the museum to see what's changed from last year, or if you've never been to the museum, you're missing out on a wonderful day of catching up on local history.  Plenty of parking, and there's a gem of a gift shop just inside the door.  We have new items all the time, so come in whenever you're driving by - (except on Tuesday and Wednesday - when we're closed).