Sunday, June 30, 2013

Children's Book Signing at the Museum

Saturday, June 29th, local author Tricia Gates Brown and illustrator Sally Lackaff  
presented two children’s books: 

 “Frederick and the Flute Maker” & “Twila and the Treasure”

It was warm and humid in Garibaldi when Tricia and Sally came to the museum.  A few people came out of the heat to enjoy Tricia’s reading of Frederick and the Flute Maker, and to enjoy a craft project with Sally. Adults and children alike enjoyed decorating haystack rock as described in Tricia’s book. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Watercolors by Patsy Chapin for the month of July

If you haven't stopped in to see Michael Loney's exhibit, ending June 30th, put it on your calendar before its taken down.  Then add Patsy's name, and come in for her reception on Saturday, July 6th from 1-3 pm.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Scholarship Reception, May 30th, 2013

On May 30th the Garibaldi Maritime Museum hosted a reception for the winners of the annual Memorial Scholarship.

This year’s winners were:

Samantha Boring – Tillamook H.S.  $1000
Aaron Josi – Tillamook H.S.  $750
Autumn Josi – Tillamook H.S.  $750
Matthew Travers – Tillamook H.S.  $750

Museum Board President, Emmy Lou Orahood welcomed the friends and families of the scholarship winners. Emmy gave a brief history of the Memorial Fund and the people responsible for initiating the scholarship fund.

Val Folkema, was this year’s keynote speaker. In Val's speech she emphasized the importance of supporting our youth with guidance, direction and sponsorship.

Samantha Boring read her winning essay aloud: “The Tenacity of a Legend”.  Samantha’s essay, supported through research, told of the many perils survived by the Lady Washington. 

(Lots and lots of) Kids n' History

Thursday June 6th, two groups of kids (for a total of 57!) came to the museum to see some of the artifacts of the history of the Tillamook Passage they've recently studied.  The first group were fourth graders from Neskowin and they were joined by two wonderful United States Coast Guard volunteers, Brandon and Amber who provided a tour of the Coast Guard facility then took them to lunch:

They looked at all the intricate models...

They figured out how to put together a wooden bucket. That's blurry Brandon
and Amber the USCG volunteers, getting in on the bucket action too.

They tried on the period clothing...

And scrutinized the cutaway ship for all the details of life at sea...

Then they tried on more 18th century clothing.

An hour after the Neskowin kids arrived, the middle school gang from Oregon City arrived. 

The ship cut away was a big draw for the older kids.

As were the period hats and clothes.

The puzzle of the wooden bucket engaged this bunch too!

And if there's a bell, ya gotta ring it, right?

Some enjoyed the period clothes more than others.

But that ship cut away was a HUGE draw.

Many were fascinated by the firearms collection of the museum's founder Charles Parkin.

Oh what to do? Cannon, bucket, cannon, bucket!

Our wonderful museum director Anna, greeted the kids in period costume, and was only moderately affected by the noise level of all that energy!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mike Loney's Reception and Show

Mike Loney’s reception was well attended, with 22 people making time in their busy schedule to see this highly respected and talented artist from Cloverdale, OR.  Mike’s love of art is evident in the close observation and intricate details of his art.  Mike, a self-taught artist, has been painting for over 30 years.  Mike’s art is hanging in many galleries around Oregon.

Mike and Margie Loney talk with guests at his June 1st reception

Visitors were coming and going for the whole 2 hours of the reception

There were several lovely prints for sale....

A guest book - and refreshments being checked out by one of many visitors to Mike's reception

One of Mike's gorgeous oil paintings

This is one of three paintings devoted to the late Tasha Tudor.
If you want to see which one won 'Best in Show' at the Oregon State Fair, 
you'll just have to come to the Museum to see it!

Utterly charming watercolors....

The artist and his wife Margie are justifiably proud of hanging a great show!
Mike's work will be on the walls of our Community Room through June.
Come see it!