Monday, July 18, 2016

Our July Artists

Patti and Doreen mounted a truly lovely show in keeping with the fine quality of artists we've featured this year.  this show will be up until July Stop in and have a look!

 Doreen Lindstedt - North Star with Five Bears

 Our July artists - Patti Barry, left and Doreen Lindstedt, right

McCloud 25, Switching in Batterson - Patti Barry

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Call to Artists and Model Makers for Group Show on 'BOATS' in September

September's Artist Showing is an open group show devoted to 

Open to artists of all skill levels!

Old, new, ancient, sporting, working, purely pleasure, non-working, sunk, sailing. Canoes, ocean liners, dingies, rafts, fishing get the idea!  

Guidelines:  Work will need to be framed, or on a cradled box to hang on our fish line hanging system.

We have table and pedestal space for models brought in, and 20-30 wall spaces for paintings, drawings, etchings, mosaic, collage, etc.

1. All work must be handmade, no digital works. 
2. One or two pieces per artist. 
3. Gallery commission is 30%, and work under $150 is suggested, but we won't       be picky if you have work you need to price higher.

Let us know if you'll be bringing one or two pieces so we can reserve a spot for you.  Email us at or call us at 503-322-8411 between 10 and 4, Thursday through Monday.

You will bring your art to hang on Thursday, Sept 1 from 10-2 PM.  Please make sure your contact info is attached to the back of your work.  We prefer to have printed labels with Title, Medium and size, Artist name and Price, approximately 3x4", but we can print your labels for you if you email us that information 5-7 days before the show, and the labels will be waiting for you when you bring in your work.

Work that isn't sold must be picked up on Friday Sept 30 before 4 PM.

Our Annual Silent Auction July 23

Wine Tasting and Silent Auction Preview