Monday, July 22, 2013

The Grub Club Does the Garibaldi Museum

On Monday, the Garibaldi Grub Club was invited to the Garibaldi Museum for a free museum day. Fourteen children of all ages (2 1/2 to 17) strolled, rode bikes, and scooters to the museum after indulging in a hearty lunch. It was a perfect sunny day for the after lunch exercise. Many had not been to the museum before. It was a terrific opportunity for them to learn some of their local history, and appreciate the maritime history of the Pacific Northwest. 

They built buckets, assembled boats, dressed up in colonial costumes, as well as taking turns ringing our notably loud  - CLAAAANNGGGG!!! ) )  )  )  )   )   )  bell in the Garibaldi Room.   
S'okay...that's what it's there for!